Best Voice Assistant for Android 2020

Last updated on September 19th, 2020 at 04:24 am

Have you ever imagined having a virtual personal assistant who can handle your various jobs to ease your task? Read our guide on Best Voice Assistant for Android 2020

Now, complete some of these business tasks by installing applications that can act as your personal assistant.

In some films that carry advanced technology, such as the James Bond films, we can command objects just by issuing voice commands.

Want to have such an experience? Try installing the following personal assistant application on your Android Smartphone.

Best Voice Assistant Apps

  1. Google Assistant


Want to access all applications on your cell phone without having to touch the screen or type? You can ask Google Assistant. Yes, with this application, you can feel like you have a personal assistant.

You just need to issue an order and Google will do it for you. For example, you want to call someone you only need to say “calling Mom”. Very simple, huh?

  1. Microsoft Cortana


“Hi, I am Cortana… and now I can be your personal assistant. I can help you to get things done… ”This is the greeting you get when you open the Cortana application for the first time.

If Apple has Siri, Microsoft also offers a personal assistant, namely Cortana. What can Cortana do?

This application can call someone in your Smartphone phone contacts, send SMS and email, tell jokes, take notes, add things to the calendar, and much more.

Cortana will do all the tasks in your voice command. Even though it was made for Microsoft, Cortana can still be used on Android smartphones.

  1. Amazon Alexa


No less good than Cortana, Amazon is also developing a quite popular personal assistant application, Amazon Alexa.

In the application, Amazon Alexa users can order Alexa for their daily needs, whether it’s listening to music, searching for songs, or even being asked to call someone.

Just talk to Amazon Alexa, then this app will do what you tell me to. To have Amazon Alexa, you don’t need to pay a penny, because this application can be downloaded for free from play store

  1. Google Allo

Google Allo

Slightly different from other assistant applications, Google Allo is a chat application that is still being developed by Google. Later, Google Allo can become a very interesting smart chat application.

How not, you can type the contents of the chat based on the emotions you feel. The text size indicates whether you are shouting or whispering.

Replying to messages with Smart Reply is made easier because you don’t have to type. This feature will study your response patterns and suggest responses with text or photos.

At Google Allo, Google also combines a messenger service with a personal assistant because you also provide voice commands for basic tasks.

  1. Google


Well, this one must be very familiar to Android smartphone owners. Google is indeed the default application on Android handsets. Since it was first released, Google’s presence has been considered very helpful.

You can search for various places in the location closest to your position. These places can be in the form of restaurants, ATMs, banks, gas stations, minimarkets, and so on.

Search various type of information on Google just by relying on voice commands via Google. Not only that, but you can also make commands, such as sending messages, making calls, setting alarms, and much more.

  1. HOUND


Among the various personal assistant applications, Hound is one of the best. This application can be aligned with Cortana.

This application will respond to your commands with very fast responses. You don’t even need to mention special keywords when giving voice commands, just speak naturally.

Hound is an application capable of providing the information, entertainment, and communication services you want.

You can give a command, such as “OK, HOUNDPlay the top songs around the world ”to play a playlist of famous songs. You can also give commands to search for information on Wikipedia or Google.

  1. Lyra Virtual Assistant


My very favorite assistant app is Lyra Virtual Assistant. When giving voice commands to this application, this application will provide an opinion. Yes, you will feel like you are talking to a human.

Lyra Virtual Assistant will provide news information, control music, tell jokes, translate, search for videos on YouTube, find specific places, and much more.

In other words, when you use Lyra Virtual Assistant, you will feel like you have a personal assistant that is just like a human.

  1. Extreme


If you are looking for a good application for a personal assistant on Android using Indonesian, then you can download  Extreme.

The reason is, this application is available in various languages. Of course Extreme is no less good than the other applications that have been previously mentioned.

In Extreme, you can ask anything, find a location, take a selfie, even you can always update the latest news. Just command it in your voice and Extreme is ready to do what it’s told to do for you. Very practical, huh?

  1. Robin


Robin is a Siri challenger assistant application. Even so, this app is still being released in beta. Developers are still adding various features so that Robin can compete with Siri from Apple.

You can try this beta version to send SMS, find out about traffic information, find a parking space, browse the latest fuel prices, and much more. Robin is claimed to be an assistant application that can compete with Siri’s performance.

  1. Friday


Friday is also an assistant application that is quite attractive to many Android users. How not, this application makes it easy for you to answer all questions to open applications on your cellphone.

You just have to tell Friday what you need, and the app will do it right away for you.  Friday can also be asked to post something on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. Great, right?

Other Recommended Applications

Apart from the 10 applications that we have mentioned above, we also have several other good applications that you can try. But unfortunately, there are applications that we recommend that are no longer available on the PlayStore.

  1. Cyman Mark 2

Cyman Mark 2

Cyman Mark 2 is an application that can act as a personal assistant for you, but unfortunately, it is less well known. The basic things the app can do include automate tasks, send messages, search for information on the internet, and much more.

Ugo Ano, the developer who developed Cyman Mark 2, is trying to add several supporting features, such as language translation, task-list management, alarm settings, unit conversions, and scheduled commands.

  1. Jarvis


Did you know about a figure named Jarvis, Iron Man’s virtual assistant? Well, this application will be your “Jarvis” even though it is not capable of doing things as sophisticated as in the Iron Man movie.

The presence of Jarvis has been very helpful, especially for setting the wallpaper, controlling the device, and others.

This application can be used on Android mobiles.

  1. AIVC (Alice)


Among the various personal assistant applications, AIVC (Alice) is one with an above-average track record.

This application can make simple things that you ask for, such as opening calendar, weather information, applications, time, reminders, calculator, and search for pictures on your Smartphone.

To better use AIVC as a personal assistant, you can ask to find information about stocks or statistics via the internet. Trust me, AIVC is not as complex as Google Now and is better able to receive various types of voices precisely.

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